Natural Health Products, {Oil}icious Testimonies

{OIL}icious Testimony

Poor Nicholas gets wicked nose bleeds….. like 45 minute gushers that you think are never going to end.

Talking to a couple Ladies in Utah about noses, sinuses, stuffiness, dryness….. nose bleeds came up and she told me 1 drop of Helichrysum on either side of the bridge will stop it.

I’ve wanted to invest in Helichrysum for a while for other remedies, {Ben’s scar, my Mom’s scar, a couple friends have varicose veins, etc} but it’s expensive, so I convinced my Mom to half a bottle with me….. which I forgot to leave her when I was in SA over the weekend. Sorry Mom, I’ll mail it soon.

Wouldn’t you know, Nick got a nose bleed…. 1 drop of Helichrysum on either side of the bridge stopped it in less than 1/2 the time of a normal one, and the next day it stopped his second one in its tracks and Natalie’s too.

Best investment I’ve convinced my Mom to buy yet! and now ill never be without it!

Natural Health Products, {Oil}icious Testimonies

My Why!


The reason I got into Oils.

In January of 2016 I was diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. My Dr said it was a viral infection and there was nothing for it and it would go away on its own in 7 to 10 days. 

In February I went back to the Dr to double check about a cure, and the again in March and April. At the April appointment the Dr I saw (not my normal GP) debt me for a bunch of blood work to make sure all my systems were in check.  YUP! But I still had the disease, now you need to be aware that this disease is contagious,  yet Ben, the kids OR My brother inlaw and nephew that were staying here NEVER GOT IT! JUST ME! and by this time it had been 4 months.  When I went back to my GP She told me “try vitamin C and echinacea”

so I did that for a few months, the whole time googling and pinteresting HFM. with NO results on how to make it go away.

Something I was reading at the beginning of August made me want to try tea tree oil, for its antibacterial,  antifungal and ANTIVIRAL properties. So I grabbed a bottle and rubbed some on mt hands and feet…. and went to work. 

Almost INSTANTLY the itching stopped and by the next morning, without reapplying the spots on my hands were gone and the ones on my feet had faded. In less than a week, I was cured after EIGHT MONTHS of suffering and researching.

I had used oils before but lemon and lavender,  added to homemade cleaners to get rid of the vinegar smell, not for healing,  and now I’ll never go back to the pharmacy part of the store.

I have so many more story’s to share about nose bleeds, car sickness, over eating, (lots of tummy ones), allergies,  carpel tunnel, arthritis,  restlessness,  restless leg, headaches, B’s back problems,  little N’s bronchitis, big N’s inability to sleep….. all cured, or managed, with NO DRUGS or CHEMICALS! All of which im planning to share.

You might get sick of me, but YOU know I share because someone will benefit. Its hard for me to type this as having HFM disease for 8 months makes me feel gross and no one wants to hear that… but someone needs to tell this story, so the next person searching for answers doesn’t need to suffer like I did! 

Love and Hugs. 

A ❤